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MLA Golf Tour Mallet Black Edition Putter

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A true performance putter. This full milled Tour Mallet Black Edition face balanced putter has soft curves with an ultimate construction for high MOI.  It creates an unmatched stability with a higher impact with the contact point of the ball which in turn gets the ball to roll sooner.The overall weight distribution makes it perfectly balanced and the soft touch gives great distance control.

To fully support your different needs the Tour Mallet has an interchangeable weight system, along with the world leading U.S. patented perceptual alignment technology. Maximize your performance with this 100% full milled precision instrument. 

Exceptionally stable, exceptional performance and it ships FREE! (US & Canada Only)

To learn more about MLA's patented aiming system click here.


LOFT: 2,5°
LIE: 71°
LENGHT: 32”, 33”, 34”, 35”, 36” in RH
WEIGHT KIT: 5g,10g,15g 
GRIP: Midsize Forward Golf black