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Michael Breed Standard Putting Sword

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Michael Breed created the Standard Putting Sword to bring focus to rolling your putts on the correct starting line. This is the result of the putter face being perfectly square to the target line when it impacts the ball. A putt struck that stays on the sword will result in a 10' made putt. 

The putting sword is designed to link up to the EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror allowing you to work not only on your line, but also putter face alignment, swing path, eye & body position and finally putter head acceleration through the ball. To purchase the EyeLine Putting Mirror click HERE.

You do not need to have a putting green available to practice with the putting sword. Simply place the sword on carpet or hard flooring and practice keeping the ball on the sword. 


Size: 38" x 1.68" (36" when linked to the EyeLine putting mirror)

Color: Yellow on one side, Red on the opposite side

Markings: 1', 2' & 3' positions

Material: Flexible thin plastic


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