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Forward Golf Club Grip Set

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The Forward Golf grip offers amazing feel and performance on every shot from the driver down to a short chip. It has a very comfortable indicator strip built into the bottom of the grip helping you to take a consistent grip on the club and to align your club head at address. It's superior grip texture offers a confident, tacky feel that performs in all weather conditions. Listed as "Mid-Size" it really falls between standard & mid-size so it provides a nice fit for multiple hand sizes and grip preferences. Combined with one of our Forward Golf putter grips, you've got a consistent feel up and down your golf bag!

Sold as a set of 13 grips with Free Shipping to the US & Canada.

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Quantity: 13 Grips

Size: Mid-Size 

Weight: 42g

Fit: Fits .58" & .60" Shafts

Colors: Black/Red, Black/White, Black/Blue

Conforms to USGA Standards