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Big Moss TW Series 10 Indoor Putting Green

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The Big Moss TW (Two Way) Series greens are 2’ wide with a cup at each end that allows you to putt or chip back and forth. One cup utilizes their down grain True Roll technology and the other is a slower speed against the grain putt.

The TW 10 is 2'x10' with 2 cups.


About Big Moss Putting Greens:

Big Moss putting and chipping greens are hand crafted in the USA “by golfers, for golfers”. Every model rolls like freshly-cut bent grass due to the built in down grain True-Roll Technology. They are completely portable and set up in minutes without tools. Break Snakes allow you to create unlimited contours and hole reducers can be used in any model for targeting a smaller hole and building confidence with your putter. 

With close to 30-sizes & shapes available there is bound to be a Big Moss green to suit your lifestyle, but if not, CONTACT GOLF GEAR BOX AND WE CAN QUOTE A CUSTOM SIZE JUST FOR YOU!