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EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror With Michael Breed Putting Sword

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Look at any practice green on any of the professional golf tours and your bound to see this handy putting training aid in more than a few golf bags. Tiger, Bubba, Ricky and other others have found this simple tool improves their alignment to the hole and their putter face alignment. Poor alignment is the major cause of missed putts. Using the Alignment Mirror will create confidence on the green.

The Putting Mirror is designed to link up to the Michael Breed Standard Putting Sword allowing you to work on your line to the hole. Click HERE to see the Standard Putting Sword.

Michael Breed created the Standard Putting Sword to bring focus to rolling your putts on the correct starting line. This is the result of the putter face being perfectly square to the target line when it impacts the ball. A putt struck that stays on the sword will result in a 10' made putt. 

Save money by purchasing these two great training aids for one low price, only at Golf Gear Box.

Comes with:

  • One EyeLine putting mirror with case
  • One Michael Breed standard putting sword