Top 10 Golf Grips For Wet & Humid Conditions

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Top 10 Golf Grips For Wet & Humid Conditions

The 90 degree temps have now hit the Southeast and with that comes daily thundershowers and oppressive humidity. Keeping a solid grip on your golf cub during these wet & humid conditions can be a difficult task, which is why we've listed the Top10 Golf Grips for wet & humid conditions. 

10. Winn Dri-Tac 

Dri-Tac are the best selling grips in the Winn Line-up. WinnDry polymer material combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all-weather conditions.


9. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the CP2 Wrap utilizes Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core® technology, an inner core stabilizer is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A reduced taper design allows for even grip pressure in each hand, and a soft, high-traction surface improves grip in all weather conditions.

8. Lamkin UTX

Developed for players with higher swingspeeds looking for excellent traction in a firm feeling full-cord grip, the UTx is designed to deliver longer and more consistent shots. Its Tri-Layer Technology blends three unique materials to provide exceptional torsion control and superior vibration dampening.

 7. Avon Tacki-Mac Pro D2X

Avon is not a household name in the golf grip arena, but their grips are made right here in the USA. The Pro D2x is a dual-molded compound boasting a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower section in a dual-color design. The firm rubber, all-weather lower section combines comfort, feedback and feel for a true connection between the player and the club.

6. Forward Golf

Forward Golf grips are slightly tacky with a built in alignment technology that helps you take a consistent grip on the club. The unique raised chevron pattern funnels moisture away from your hands allowing you to keep a firm grip on the club in any weather conditions. Buy Forward Golf grips HERE. 

5. Winn Duratech

The DuraTech grip is Winn's first multi-material hybrid, blending the long-lasting, non-slip control of rubber in the upper hand with the slightly softer, tacky feel of polymer in the lower hand.

4. The Z-Grip Cord is the firmest grip available from Golf Pride. The Z-Grip features a deep “Z”-shaped texture pattern that winds vertically around the grip for control, while a heavy cord texture throughout provides moisture management.

3. Lamkin Crossline Full Cord

Lamkin's best-selling Crossline pattern is matched with full-cord coverage to deliver maximum control and shot feedback and performs well in all weather conditions.


2.  The Tour Velvet is the most widely used cord grip on tour. A budget friendly grip, available in every size, the Tour Velvet offers a more comfortable cord grip for play in all weather conditions.

1. Golf Pride MCC (New Decade MultiCompound)

  Combining the best of both worlds a cord grip for your glove hand to maintain traction in all weather conditions, with a more comfortable rubber lower, with a pebbled texture, for your trail hand. Available in a Plus 4 version and in multiple sizes and now in your favorite college team colors.



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