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It's been said that taste is subjective and that is never more true when it comes to rating and reviewing cigars. Different palates combined with different life experiences and different flavor preferences often leads to discourse over what is considered the best cigar of the year. However, that does not stop every Tom, Dick & Harry from publishing their best of list each and every year. So how does a cigar enthusiast navigate through all these cigars to come up with a decent list of smokes to try? We decided that a consensus look at the best of the best...

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I remember the first time I saw an oversized grip on a tour player’s putter. It was during the Masters tournament a number of years ago aboard fan favorite K.J. Choi’s club. As I remember the story, Choi was struggling with his putting and was awake watching a late night TV infomercial for the fat grip. Searching for any help with his putting, he called the 800 number, I always wondered who buys stuff off late night TV, and regripped his club. While he didn’t win at Augusta that year, he putted pretty darn well. To be honest, I have...

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  At Golf Gear Box we strive to bring you fair and accurate reviews of products we carry and even those we don’t. We want to be seen as a credible, impartial resource you can count on when making golf equipment purchases that’s why we won’t carry any training aids that we don’t think have the propensity to improve your golf game. We always want to know about the latest and greatest products designed to improve the short game of golf and will do our best to stay up to date on new equipment releases. If we miss something, please...

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