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With the booming after-market shaft business, we are seeing more and more customers that want us to switch out their driver shafts for the latest and greatest that is going to get them more distance, better dispersion or be more forgiving. What we always find amazing is that after spending $250 for a new shaft most people want us to pull the adapter off their old shaft and put it on the new one, just to save $25. We are happy to do that, however, let us share a few reasons why you would be better served by buying a...

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Did you know that the USGA & R&A are currently working to develop a World Handicapping System which will create the ultimate portability allowing any golfer to play anywhere in the world using their established handicap.  While the USGA & R&A have established one set of rules and one set of equipment standards for the game of golf there are currently 6 separate handicap systems used around the globe today. The governing bodies of golf intend to combine those 6 standard handicap metrics into one system that will: Enable golfers of different abilities to play & compete on a fair...

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