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Do you struggle with alignment with a putter in your hand? While the majority of recreational golfers have distance control issues, i.e. coming up short with their putts, many golfers also struggle with hitting the ball to one side of the cup or the other. According to research done my Callaway Golf, 70% of golfers leave putts to the right side of the hole while the other 30% leave it left.  If you are struggling with alignment issues with your current putter, perhaps one of these aiming systems may help. SeeMore Putters: SeeMore Putters have been around for many years...

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Mrs. GGB has always been inconsistent out of the sand and around the green using a traditional lob wedge. She finally decided it was time for a new wedge and thought a game improvement club might be the answer. She didn't want to go full ALIEN, but wanted something a little more subtle. After perusing a number of options she decided the Callaway Sure Out 2 58* lob wedge might be a good fit.  The Sure Out 2 differs from the original Sure Out in that it has an enhanced sole "to refine the bounce angle" and added more heel...

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