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The Titleist Pro-V1 is the most popular ball on all the professional golf tours and a top seller for amateurs; but, ladies, is it the right ball for you? Well, the answer is it depends on your swing speed. Take a look at the following graphic from Sports Sensors, Inc. that shows how swing speed affects ball distance. As you can see from the graph, there is a direct correlation between swing speed and distance. You will also notice how drastically different the swing speeds are between tour players and average amateur golfers. The table below shows a further breakdown between...

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Sphera is Latin for "Ball" and is the impetus behind, yet another, direct to consumer golf ball company. By cutting out distributors, not paying for retail shelf space or sponsoring tour players, these upstart ball companies have been able to bring the consumer a pro tour ball at a fraction of the cost of the big boys.  Sphera is a company shrouded in a bit of a mystery as their website offers very little information on the company or its products. Their offerings are a 4 piece ball called the Pro Fours and a 3 piece called, you guessed it,...

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If you're a serious golfer you probably know that "Compression Matters" when it comes to driving your golf ball. You also are most likely aware that higher swing speeds lead to longer drives. Even if you don't have Dustin Johnson's whip like speed you can maximize your drives by matching your swing speed to the proper ball compression. Let's look at the following graphic which shows how compression plays a role in getting the most distance possible from your swing speed. Too much compression and you are leaving yards on the tee box, not enough compression and your hurting your...

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